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Also read Cassi horoscope. Best qualities are inspiration(able to inspire), endurance and energy. Areas where you still need some work are impulsivity, restriction and intolerance.

An uncanny ability to inspire yourself and others. With great ambition this leads to big achievements in many areas. Yet success can only truly arrive once a certain level of mastery is achieved. Use your strong intuition and intellect to discover areas of true interest worthy of mastery.

Being a visionaries may very well be in your path. You are a born diplomat. Always aware of your own abilities and the skills of others. Very good at reading other peoples emotional states or true agendas. Ready to help and make yourself useful for the benefit of others. Insightful on many matters. That is why your friends often come to you for advice, which you gladly share. There is no limit to your ambition. Never stopping to take a breather, in a sense you are a marathon runner.
Being a source of inspiration without equal you give away a big amount of energy, which can be tiring at times.

That is why it is wise to put aside some time to recuperate the lost energy. However your destiny will have highs and lows. The vibrations will be so strong that you sometimes have to curb your pulse, impatience and nervousness. Only your strength of character and your determination will allow you to overcome the difficulties. Work wise field that may be suitable are medicine, metaphysics, communication, music, art or working in organizations with idealistic goals.

Cassi Contreras Horoscope


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Cassi Contreras Life Path

Number 11 is the life path for the name Cassi Contreras. Number eleven is the quantity of most profound sense of being, enchantment and otherworldliness.