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Also read Cassi horoscope. Greatest qualities are courage, perseverance and success(a desire to reach it). Areas where at improvement can lead to positive changes in life holding grudges, impulsiveness and impatience.

Your mind is linked to the notions of authority, power and materiality. These are basically concrete areas intended for you to shine in. At the same time these are very demanding categories that can bring stress or anxiety into your life.

It's best to prepare yourself mentally beforehand and learn some coping mechanisms. Throughout your life path, as unstable and unpredictable it is, you need to demonstrate courage, fighting spirit and strength of character to succeed and overcome difficulties. You have many opportunities for success and sadly the same amount of chances for crushing failures. But nobody can really win without having lost and learned from it. People can fall in the same hole numerous times time after time when they don't take the time to learn from the first mistake.
Your ambition might be strong and will get you far, but you will have to develop strong organizational skills and a sense of authority to get where you want to go.

The life path 8 is accompanied by many negative vibes, including the thirst for power, the will of always wanting to possess everything, imposture, intolerance or abuse of authority. Power and striving towards it can easily corrupt even the best of us. Self awareness is needed to overcome such corruption. Be careful not to give way to negative excess: you have the potential for legitimate access to wealth and power. Mindless excess will never bring about true happiness. All occupations that require courage, ambition, responsibility and power are favored for the natives of the 8.

Cassi Cawthra Horoscope


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Cassi Cawthra Life Path

Number 8 is the life path for the name Cassi Cawthra. Number eight remains for idyllic equity and concordance. It epitomizes the harmony in the middle of giving and taking.