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Also read Cassey horoscope. Biggest qualities are stability, rigor and strong work ethic. Areas that still need some work are insulation and tardiness.

If one had to assign you a maxim, it would certainly be slowly but steadily! Your way of life is based on the concepts of safety, discipline, work, merit and success. Since early childhood achievements and benchmarks have always been guides showing if your life is going the right way.

A lack of authoritarianism or stability in your environment can destabilize and impede your social integration. Stability in life rules over most of your decisions. Always establishing strong and stable relationships, you undertake and invest in safe projects for the long-term. Leaving little room for the unknown or the unexpected. Not the biggest fan of surprises. All those who know you agree that you are serene and peaceful. Certainly never letting aggressiveness, anger or depression rule over your temperament!
One of your special abilities is a great sense for tact and delicacy.

Being able to pass demeaning messages without offending your audience is possible because you can put yourself into other peoples shoes. Never let your attention to detail lead you into an almost pathological mania where your stubbornness will end up attracting the wrath of your surroundings. Here is a small list of occupations that would be helpful in making choices. Anything involving precision, rigor, order or law.

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Cassey Star Life Path

Number 4 is the life path for the name Cassey Star. Number four remains for acts and deeds, it likewise encapsulates creation.