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Also read Cassey horoscope. Biggest qualities are the mastery of self-esteem, independence and ambition. These three are truly a dream team for greatness.

Areas that still need some work are authoritarianism, opportunism and pride. There is a saying that pride comes before the fall. Many do not understand that pride is nothing more than a manifestation of the ego and that it never enriches your life. All it does is take away. Your ego always has the best of intentions yet always brings about the worst of scenarios.

Often seen as a pioneer or explorer always striving to be at the forefront. Everything new will be embraced with open arms. Having the capabilities of a natural born leader, life puts you in situations where you need to express your entrepreneurial spirit and individuality. Strength and ambition run in your veins. Pair that with great confidence and you have a person who can overcome even the most chaotic situations by concentrating on the task at hand.
Like with most people who posses power, it can get to your head and result in narrow mindedness or demonstrations of a disproportionate ego.

Nevertheless normally you stay objective. People around you would describe you as clever and crafty. Even though you like to take risks, be careful to not show aggressiveness or a certain form of selfishness, in the face of not getting the deserved recognition. Best professional paths would be creative faculties, management and any position where your responsibility or motivation are put to the test.

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Cassey Sioson Life Path

Number 1 is the life path for the name Cassey Sioson. Number one speaks to the starting point of life, the creation and encapsulates being free.