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Also read Cassey horoscope. Good qualities are understanding the importance of communication, intelligence and enthusiasm. Areas that still need some work are submission, jealousy and dispersion.

Full of enthusiasm and true joy for life you emanate positive vibrations into the world. Always open for communication you love to share and often do it in a dynamic way. A true extrovert who gets energy from being around group settings.

Suffice to say that taking action occupies an important place in your life. Idling around is not for you, because constant engagement and getting things done is so much more fun. If you were a movie star then you would be a action movie star. Taking action comes naturally to you. The biggest issues found in your life will come from scattering your energy into many directions instead of focusing it like a laser beam. Once focused success will follow. There is a saying that when your material world is full of clutter then the same goes for your mind.
It can be hard to achieve focus if your environment makes this harder than need be.

Your real talents come from self-expression. Immature and superficial sometimes even prejudice, especially in romantic relationships. Managing finances and organizational skills are not your strong points so it might be best to seek advice for those areas. On the plus side you are smart, curious and creative. Occupation wise the best areas to get into would be trades corresponding to communication, verbal or written expression, arts and creation.

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Cassey Quinn Life Path

Number 3 is the life path for the name Cassey Quinn. Number three is the imaginative power, the trinity and epitomizes creation.