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Also read Cassey horoscope. Greatest traits are curiosity, creativity and spirituality. Areas that still need some work are isolation and confidence.

Your mind strives towards inner balance. To the systematic analysis and self-reflection to acquire wisdom and knowledge. Like a sponge absorbing all that is new and thirsting for more. Even though learning interests you it is always done in a thoughtful manner as to gain an advantage where it counts.

You are creative, spiritual and ceaseless in the search for truths and knowledge. Not a person who would easily give up on anything. Those qualities make you extremely versatile since you can succeed in many areas professionally. Mostly preferring quiet alone time to think about ideas from the outside world. Even when in good company you still prefer to work alone and that is why you can be perceived as enigmatic and mysterious. The negative influence of such behavior can therefore cause you to be remote, cold or even dishonest and rancorous in certain situations.
It is hard to notice that your ways of seclusion might be interpreted wrongly. This can often be resolved by being more communicative.

That said, one thing is certain: your optimism and ability to keep a smile and an unfailing enthusiasm in difficult situations makes you worth of admiration and recognition among your entourage. Spiritual strength is something you are known for. Occupations corresponding particularly well to the number seven are trades that appeal to research, work with the spirit, cutting-edge technologies, advanced technology, travel and humanism.

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Cassey Jung Life Path

Number 7 is the life path for the name Cassey Jung. Number seven remains for advancement and triumph while helpint to overcome difficulties.