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Also read Casselle horoscope. Great abilities are harmony, affection and understanding. Areas that still need some work are cynicism, guilt and suspicion.

Your path in life corresponds to the family, love of home, harmony and well-being in the community. You are clearly oriented towards others and the happiness of others. This is also why people around you often rely on you as a shoulder to rest on. However remember that your own needs must come first even if it is hard at times to not help others.

Forgetting your own needs and desires will only result in a chronic dissatisfaction, a pervasive guilt and a perpetual quest to always want to do better. Your personality is just and righteous bringing peace and serenity in conflict situations. One could call you a diplomat or mediator(both might be sound career advice). In this unjust and imperfect world, you do not turn a blind eye on those who are less well off. Instead you often become a benefactor to humanity.
Helping those in need lifts your spirits and bring great joy to your life.

Always accepting and loving people as they are, with their qualities and defects. Your big heart is loving but it sometimes has a tendency to be oversensitive and sentimental. While looking for harmony in other areas of life, it is in the field of love and within your marriage or relationship where your concern to bring balance and conciliation will give you the most trouble. Professions linked to the above abilities are oriented mainly towards relations with others, aid to the community or artistic expression.

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Casselle Latourette Life Path

Number 6 is the life path for the name Casselle Latourette. Number six embodies the thirst for wisdom and is likewise related to passion. Sixes know what they want.