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Also read Cassell horoscope. Biggest qualities are ambition, generosity and wisdom. Areas that still need some work are empathy, pride and nervousness.

This is the master number that designates the greatest of all roads, an extraordinary destiny. Your aspirations are of an universal order, often embarking on big picture high-level projects. Being ambitious by nature you can be a truly great leader! This path translates into exceptional qualities, combining intellectual liveliness, originality and idealism.

The desire to build and evolve, coupled with strong leading abilities can achieve great things. Devotion towards your organization or cause defines you. Suffice to say that you can achieve everything if you give yourself the means! Nothing worth anything in this world was created without effort. Born a genius will not magically open all doors. Instead it is effort that has the ability to open every door. Note that there are few who can take such a path.
You need to demonstrate tolerance, understanding and humanity.

Avoid nervous tension or any form of aggression that those around you could not withstand. Suitable occupations could be found in the artistic, political, humanitarian, creative field or the general public. One thing is certain, your ability to work and create are exceptional. Try to think more often about the big picture of things.

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Cassell Bass Life Path

Number 22 is the life path for the name Cassell Bass. Number twenty two is known to enhance intuition and is also bound to dreams.