Meaning Of Cassaundra Stickler Name

Also read Cassaundra horoscope. Best traits are renewal, devotion and idealism. Areas for possible improvements are selfishness, anxiety and moodiness.

With a philanthropic and humanitarian personality you at times self-sacrifice yourself too much putting all of your energy and effort into projects(work and otherwise). The type of person people can count on once a decision has been made. Always confident in your skills. But giving too much of yourself while not taking enough rest can result in moodiness.

Having no difficulty communicating in public. Loving life to the fullest with a great imagination, that can at times lead to procrastination. You possess strong creative or artistic talent. At times both. When facing problems that need solving you never focus on small details. Instead you always see the big picture first. You strongly believe in humanity. Gladly giving your time, money and good will without expecting anything in return, if the ultimate goal is to make this world a better place.
With conviction you always tend to finish things you started. Being able to completely devote yourself to a task you set your sights on is one of your greatest qualities.

Never expecting rewards in return for a task accomplished. You experience an attraction for the beautiful and wonderful. However beware to not live in a utopia or an unreal world. Occupations favorable for you are mainly related to the public or social. Oriented towards abroad or the unknown, or include a form of universality.

Cassaundra Stickler Horoscope


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Cassaundra Stickler Life Path

Number 9 is the life path for the name Cassaundra Stickler. Number nine is the quantity of knowledge and leads towards clarity.